Allergic to mites?

Onset and consequences

Impact on quality of life

In addition to causing direct allergy symptoms such as a runny nose or red eyes, allergies can also have a significant impact on the patients' quality of life. Often, their performance at work or school, along with their sleep quality and social lives, can be greatly impaired.

From airway allergies to asthma

If allergic rhinitis is not (sufficiently) treated, the allergy can progress to asthma.1 This is called an "atopic march" because the disease has spread from the upper to the lower respiratory tract. It has been scientifically proven that specific immunotherapy can slow down or even totally prevent an atopic march.2

Are allergies dangerous?

Ist eine Allergie gefährlich?An allergic reaction can cause a multitude of inflammatory responses. The mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes can become itchy and produce excess mucus. This can mean a runny nose, or watery and itchy eyes. The bronchial musculature can also become tight and cramped, resulting in asthma attacks and shortness of breath. Allergies frequently cause itchy welts, swelling, or an attack of neurodermatitis. The worst and most severe outcome of all allergic reactions is an anaphylactic shock.


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