Allergic to mites?

Encasements and mite-proof pillows and duvets

Encasements and allergy barrier duvets and pillows dramatically reduce the amount of mite allergens and can quickly relieve symptoms.


Mattresses, pillows and blankets are covered in encasements; in this way, the mites and the particle dust that contains allergens cannot escape from the textiles. Choosing the right material is essential.
For double mattresses, both sides of the bed must have allergy barrier encasements, because otherwise the allergens will not be sufficiently reduced. To achieve proper results, all beds in the household should have encasements.
The effectiveness of the encasements used has been proven in scientific studies; however, there are vast differences in quality in terms of the allergy barrier encasements on the market. The differences pertain to the effects, comfort, and durability.

Allergy barrier pillows and duvets

Allergendichte Kissen und Duvets In addition to the encasements, allergy barrier pillows and duvets are a safe and comfortable alternative for those allergic to mites. The covering acts as an allergen barrier. The pillows and duvets are filled with high quality synthetic fibrefill.