Allergic to mites?

What you can do today

Reduce the humidity indoors
Why? Excess humidity causes mites to reproduce and exacerbates asthma symptoms
Procedure Air out the house or apartment; air out   the beds and rooms in the mornings, especially during cold and dry weather; use dehumidifiers; do not hang laundry  out to dry indoors.
When? 15 minutes a day (purge of air)
Control the indoor temperature
Why? Higher temperatures also breed mites
Procedure Make sure the room temperature is suitable (18 to 20°C), especially in the bedrooms.
When? All year (more frequently in winter)
Clean surfaces and objects that are susceptible to mites
Why? Mites prefer to breed in carpets, fabric and stuffed animals
Procedure Wash curtains and cushions at 60°C, install tile and linoleum instead of carpet, leather furniture instead of fabric sofas, wash stuffed animals at 60°C if permitted on the label, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter system.
When? Wash every two months
Use mite-proof encasements
Why? The contact with mites is reduced
Procedure The mite allergy-proof encasement must cover the mattress and be of hospital grade.
When? Always!